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Global Frequency Database

Are you curious about the radio users in your area or would you like to plan a trip and get some frequencies before leaving? The Global Frequency Database is a database that contains worldwide information on frequencies used at specified locations for a wide spectrum. Furthermore it permits you to add your own findings, which then will require to be confirmed by one of the administrators.
Another nice feature of the Global Frequency Database is the “Vincity Search” which will automatically list frequencies in your area if you permitted the website to access your location.
As of 20 February 2011 at 21:49:58 UTC the database contains 30749 entries of which 17338 entries were saved with positional data.

Global Frequency Database



Dreaming of listening to 2m band at a location far away from you or dreaming of extending your listening range to bands that you do not have any receiver for? Globaltuners is your solution! Without having to worry about space constraints in relation to big antennas you will be able to listen to bands which normally would only be heard by a rather big antenna or expensive receiver.
Globaltuners is an international network that provides access to remote controllable receivers that were contributed to the network voluntarily by the site operators. This allows you to listen on receivers in many different countries, and if you would like to share your receiver and enable others to listen to what your station can pick up, you can become a site operator yourself!

Global Frequency Database

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