Welcome to my Radio Blog

Greetings everyone,
so you made it to my radio blog which was set up on 16 February 2011, great! This blog will be used to give you an insight to my various activities in relation to radio communications.

I will try to keep things as simple as possible to allow everyone to participate, at the same time I might take a critical look at some aspects as where it comes to the security of our privacy. Being a German I might be a bit too sensitive about privacy and data protection, anyhow it never hurts to raise awareness how much of your data is disclosed in regular life situations.

Throughout the time I will also add 2 or 3 further pages which will give you some presentations of what I am talking about, it likely will happen that I add mini presentations on some subjects as well, so keep checking if something new is on here!

Please understand that my duties do not permit me to be a “full time” blogger, this means that sometimes it may take a while between updates.

Enjoy your stay!

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